Betfred Virtual

Giving the Betfred Virtual customers a platform they could call their own.


Step 1

The Brief

Betfred and our in-house business analysis team had seen a fall in both new players and retention in existing. From customer feedback the platform felt dated and unintuitive, customers wanted the same experience they felt when betting on real sports (in-play and live betting).

To create a brand to accompany the new interface that felt fresh but ultimately sympathetic to the Betfred brand. This brand had to stand on it’s own two feet and would be used across digital platforms and also in the Betfred shops.

Creating a Solution

Kicking Off

Working together with our business analysts and key stakeholders from Betfred in a kick off meeting, we dissected the current Virtual offering highlighting successes and failures using user insights and analytics.

Then working independently we undertook some sketching exercises and came up with different solutions that would align with users and business expectations of the platform.

After various iterations, the solution that came to be the core focus of the product today is the intuitive carousel system. The slider allows the user to easily toggle between sports within the Virtual World and as without using any heavy navigation which would impede the users experience.

Moving forward

The results

Feedback from users was very positive users felt like we had listened to their needs, they particularly engaged with the ability to personalise the Virtual Experience. From the user testing and customer research that was carried out, we found that users mainly were interacting with 1, maybe only 2 sports, so we gave the users the power to organise the sports within the carousel.

One of the key success metrics at the beginning of the project was that if new user uptake and user retention began to increase that Betfred would consider moving Virtual World out of the main Sportsbook Application and invest in a stand alone Betfred Virtual application.

Virtual World