San Carlo

An Italian restaurant group steeped in accolades and awards, time for a new platform to elevate them even higher.

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Step 1

The Brief

The brief for the new San Carlo website was born out of a proposal. Research, moodboards and concept work were shown to the client to give them a better understanding of what their competitors were doing, and give them a vision for what the San Carlo website could be.

The feedback we got out of this pitch meeting and brainstorming session was thy wanted to showcase their amazing offering, San Carlo restaurants have some of the most lavish and ornate interiors which they wanted to convey to users They also wanted to show their diverse range of Italian cuisine, the fact the regard themselves as 100% authentic, family run restaurant.

The most important thing they wanted to incorporate into the site was bookings, all advertising and marketing up until this point had directed the public to the San Carlo site which then directed them book via phone. We wanted to shorten this user experience dramatically and drive bookings.

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San Carlo Website