Vibe Tickets

Having given Vibe the look, now to give them the platform to retain and build a commmunity.


Step 1

The Brief

Building a brand that would communicate to the new Vibe Tickets proposition and create a new look and feel for a business on the up in a very lucrative industry was now complete, now the task was to put this decoration and ethos into a platform that performs.

The platform was an iOS application, with an Android version to follow. Vibe Tickets allows people to trade tickets for live events at face value (and below) within a marketplace. Our aim was to optimise this experience for users and make it just as simple as their previous social media offering.

Key specifications for the app had to by the integration of a chat system to allow buyers and sellers to converse and arrange ticket trades. Another key element was for to people to build profiles, trust was a massive part of our thinking when building this brand and that had to translate down through to the application.

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